TCP Technology is a specialised company established in 2015, with over 25 years experience

focusing on customer driven applications relating to industrial instrumentation & automation

sensing, logging, monitoring, alarming, displaying, controlling and calibrating


Access to wholesale channels of well respected brands and emerging economical options

Obligation free site project assessment in the South East Queensland area, Australia

IoT (Internet of Things) "Cloud"​ data monitoring and remote control

PID controller configuration, fine tuning, customisation, documentation

Write/edit/validate customised user and service documentation for specialised equipment


Digital thermometers, Temperature probes, Thermocouples, RTDs PT100, Hockey puck transducers, 4-20mA, Signal conditioning, PID Controllers, Dry block calibrators, Black body calibrators, HMI panels, programming, configuration, project design, build, document, schematics...


Phone: +61 (0)451 409 343

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Mail: PO Box 114, Corinda QLD 4075 Australia

Deliveries: Pack & Send Att: TCP Technology, Unit 14 / 5 Spine Street, Sumner QLD 4074 Australia




Embracing new communications technology Cat M1, LTE-M, NB-IoT, Sigfox and more,

plus trusted existing technologies 4G-LTE, 4G SMS, WiFi...



Leveraging the latest in micro-development boards such as Arduino, Teensy, Raspberry Pi and more to reduce the cost and development time of bespoke projects, plus unique knowledge of real-world connections to make things work 



Design and build HMI monitoring and control systems using new or existing instrumentation and control interfaces



Remote monitoring and control using your own smart mobile devices



Save time, save mileage, save miss-haps and wastage, automate today!


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