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Updated: 2nd June 2017
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jOrgan Installation Instructions for jOrgan V3.20 (in progress)
jOrgan V320 Installation_Instructions_rev04.pdf    (1.9MB) 22/01/2015

Latest Version
    christie_fs_3mp_320_03.zip  (4.2MB) 02/06/2017

This new release is for jOrgan version 3.20

Tested on the latest release jOrgan V3.20 with a couple of corrections including solving the swell functions not changing the volume level
Also added more MIDI files including a set of great performances given by Jim Dickman.
Now modified to read external MIDI files from the real pipe Christie.

The new skin with absolutely beautiful tabs created and generously released to share in the jOrgan community by Graham Wykes was added in version 3.19
For a preview click here.

 More.mp3 (Rick 4MB)                 Beautiful Dreamer.mp3 (Rick 2MB)  
    Climb.mp3 (Rick 2.4MB)      

These files above have been recorded using the Midi recorder in jOrgan, then played back and audio recorded using Audacity.

Change Partners.mp3 (Ian Kipling 2MB)
Five Foot Two.mp3 (Ian Kipling 2MB)
Mr Sandman.mp3 (Ian Kipling 1.6MB)        

A very big thank you to Ian Kipling for providing these audio files for the web site. Ian has been a very keen and hard working tester of the Christie disposition and has kindly offered these excellent files be placed on the web site.  These are played using a small Yamaha spinet two keyboard organ with 16 pistons.  There is no third keyboard or second touch.  These are recorded as a single take using Audacity on the same PC running the Virtual Organ.  (It was Ian's suggestion for the analogue volt meter image on the virtual console to give it added authenticity.)

These files uses the magic of jOrgan to replicate the Console functions of the "Christie Unit Orchestra" (Theatre Pipe Organ) housed at Kelvin Grove State High, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.     http://www.tosaq.com.au/

Help Documents

           Dons Combinations Document    (7th Jan 2010)

This very comprehensive document of combinations has been kindly donated by Don Austin, whom I know has devoted many many hours of time to develop this, sharing his many years of experience, his musical skill, and enthusiasm for virtual organs. Further special thanks to Don who, in the process of creating these combinations, has greatly assisted in troubleshooting the early release stages of this disposition.

(for jOrgan version 3.7, so out of date but still some useful aspects)

          Christie01_install_instructions_091006.pdf   (~550KB)   

          Christie01_user_notes_091006.pdf    (~945KB)

Other Related Documents

   Midification_of_an_Organ.pdf     (~180KB)

   What_is_a_VTPO.pdf    (~149KB)

   Simple MIDI for Virtual Organ.pdf      (~630KB   updated 29 June 2011)

   MidiBox uCapps MidIO128 hex file for 3 swell      main_swell_3.zip   (6KB)

Teensy 3.5 files 

   Teensy 3.5 MIDI Pedalboard + Swell.pdf

   190704_Arduino IDE Organ_Pedals_Swell.zip


I would like to acknowledge Sven Meier for the creation and continued development of jOrgan. This software is not just a Virtual Organ, it allows the creation of any organ you know of to replicate, or could dream up as a specification. https://sourceforge.net/projects/jorgan/

The main digital sound file used in this disposition was created by (the late) Bruce Miles and is used with permission. I have also learned the majority of how to build this jOrgan disposition from a help document written by Bruce and from dissecting a couple of Bruce's jOrgan dispositions.
There is also a GM (General Midi) Soundfont file used from http://www.personalcopy.com/sfarkfonts1.htm offering free Soundfont files for non commercial use.

Further support and inspiration has come from the jOrgan (Forum) mailing list http://sourceforge.net/mailarchive/forum.php?forum_name=jorgan-user 

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The Real
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Midification of and Organ
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